10 things to avoid in marital conflict

I need to let you in on a little secret: YOU’RE GOING TO FIGHT WITH YOUR SPOUSE!

All the married people just let out an, “Amen!” And if you’re not married and are looking to be, know that it’s coming. On first read, that might sound depressing. But guess what: It’s not. One of the most important things to understand in marriage is proper expectations. If you’re expecting your current, or future, marriage to look fairy-tale-esque, you have the wrong expectations.

The truth is, marriage is the union of two imperfect sinners. And those imperfections are going to lead to conflict. If you expect conflict, you can take the proper steps to both prevent it and minimize it. Or said another way, if you know fighting does, or is going to, happen in marriage you can equip yourself to make sure it’s something that doesn’t drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

In fact, conflict in marriage (wait for it) can actually be a good thing that mirrors the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what Kirk & Chelsea Cameron’s new marriage course, Fighting Fair, talks about. Not only does it use scripture and biblically-based principles, but it also gives practical examples of what you need to do and not do to stop conflict from being a bad thing. One of those practical tools is a downloadable resource that give you 10 things to avoid in marital conflict. A lot of them come right from the course. We’re giving it to you for FREE!

As an aside, this resource is just one of the SEVEN bonus resources you get when you sign up for Fighting Fair with Kirk & Chelsea Cameron. Get them all by signing up for the course RIGHT NOW at www.fightfairnow.com.

To get the free resource, just click on the picture below:



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