A back-to-school prayer for the anxious parent


Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you’re a good Father, who hears me when I call out to you. Thank you that I can talk to you about everything. You know the anxieties weighing on my heart today for my children this year. You know the fears I have about a new school year and what the coming months will hold for my children.

Teach them your love and goodness this year. Protect them from anyone seeking to cause harm and pain. Give them wisdom and discernment to make good choices that will bring blessings, and not curses in their life. Make them an instrument of your peace. Where there is chaos and conflict, may they bring hope and love to those around them.

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Mature their faith as they learn to trust you through the storms and setbacks of life. As our culture and world grow darker, make them a light for your glory that shines brightly for your name. Teach them what it means to lovingly stand up for truth even if it means times of loneliness or rejection. Teach them to stand up for the vulnerable and mistreated.

Protect them from Satan, the ultimate Enemy of our hearts who seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Preserve their life and uphold them. When temptation comes, help them to turn their eyes away from looking at worthless, empty things. When they’re tempted to do the wrong thing, help them remember your Word is a lamp for their feet, and a light for their path that will never disappoint them or lead them astray.

Teach their heart to surrender to you and those in their authority and to be respectful and responsible students. Give them the courage to be true to who you’ve made them to be because they’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made. They are your workmanship. When they fail and fall short, help them to get back up and stay the course.

Thank you for the gift and responsibility of raising my children—even when it can be so hard and I fail every day. Calm my fears and anxieties about the future so that I may serve you well in the present. I know fear is not from you (1 John 4:18). Instill peace in my heart knowing that you are sovereign and in control of our very life and breath.

Thank you that I can trust you with everything and that you love and care for my children more than I do. Thank you that you are intimately involved in their lives, always working on their behalf.  Thank you for being our good Father.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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