A message of hope for those who find themselves in a valley

If you’re currently breathing right now, we can guarantee you’ve gone through a hard time in your life. The truth is, we all face challenges. And despite what some people teach, you’re going to continue to go through them. The real question isn’t if we will face difficulty, it’s how will we respond when we do. Will we blame God? Will we run from Him? Will we trust Him that he’s working all things for our good and His glory?

Enter Chris and Emily Norton. Chris was a college football player when tragedy struck on the field, paralyzing him from the neck down. He was told that not only would he never walk again, but he wouldn’t even move anything below his neck again. He defied the odds, walking across the stage to get his diploma and again down aisle on his wedding day.

Chris and his wife Emily — who battled severe depression — are sharing their story in a new book called “The Seven Longest Yards.” They recently, however, joined The Campfire podcast to talk about what it takes to overcome obstacles, doubt, and difficulty.

“Life’s lowest moments can be the source of our greatest gifts,” Chris said. “There’s always hope, and if you choose that hope and to depend on God and lean on him and lean on other’s support, and just keep pushing forward and falling forward, that’s the biggest thing.”

Listen to the full clip below for more encouragement from the couple. And then sign up for The Campfire for FREE.

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