A special message for moms

Mandy Arioto knows what it’s like to be a mom. Not only does she have three kids of her own, but she’s also the CEO of one of the largest mom organizations out there, MOPS International. So when she speaks about what it’s like to be a mom, people listen. And one of the important topics she’s speaking about now centers on delivering a message to fellow moms: You are seen and valued, and you need to take some time for yourself.

“What I have found is that mom sets the tone for every room that she enters in the house,” Mandy, who’s also the author of the new book “Have More Fun,” told Kirk Cameron as part of his weekly web series called The Campfire. “If mom’s having a bad day, suddenly everyone around her is having a bad day.”

Those moments, she said, come when moms forget how important their work is, or when they they focus so much on giving that they drain themselves.

“Sometimes I feel like as moms that we forget that we are responsible for our own sense of well-being and we sacrifice for everyone around us — which is holy work … — but at the same time we need to be super intentional not to settle and not to really pour ourselves out without paying attention to our energy level and making sure that we’re filling ourselves up so we have something to pour out,” she said.

“So for anyone who is feeling unseen or like their work is not valuable, I would say to reprioritize and take just a little bit of time to focus on you to do something that is maybe a little more fun or that gives you energy or restores your soul because then it just helps you with your own perspective on what you’re doing.”

Watch the clip below, which also includes some special insight and encouragement from Kirk. You can also watch the entire interview with a FREE 30-day trial of The Campfire:

You can purchase “Have More Fun” here if you’re interested.

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