Allie Stuckey opens up about past regret and what she learned

Do you have regrets from your past?

Everyone does, really. You may say that you “live life without any regret”, however, if you were given the chance to undo some of the hurt you caused someone else, some of the poor decisions you made during an argument with your friend, spouse, or sibling, wouldn’t you take it?

Allie Stuckey, also known as “The Conservative Millenial”, is the host of the popular podcast, Relatable, where she breaks down the latest in culture, news, and politics from a Christian, conservative perspective. She is also a frequent guest on Fox News, a writer and the author of a book to be released in the spring of 2020.

To say these are impressive accomplishments for a 20-something millennial is an understatement. Allie is passionate about sharing God’s Word with her audience, and many young people are being influenced by her zeal for biblical truth. One of the truths she speaks of often is the fact that the “god of self” that our culture pushes will always leave you with regret.

How does she know this? Allie confesses to following this “god of self” just a few years ago.

Allie talks about this god we are all tempted to worship and opens up about her personal story on this week’s episode of Kirk Cameron’s weekly web series, The Campfire.

“When you replace God with the god of self, suffering does occur, and I’ve experienced this in my own life.” She continues, “There was a season in college where I was going through a hard time so I just rejected God and I found myself doing things that I never thought that I would do.”

Overdrinking, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and making decisions that hurt herself and others, Allie says she regrets this time of her life.

She explains, “I was following this god of self that says, ‘If you just do what makes you happy, if you just do what feels good, then you’ll be healed, better, and things will shape up for you.’ ”

While trying to pursue happiness, she ended up in a dark place. Allie developed an eating disorder.

“If I stayed true to who I knew I was in Christ . . . I could have avoided so much pain and regret.” She adds that God can use all of the mistakes we’ve made for His glory, though we should still pay attention to the mistakes we’ve made in our past to recognize that if we had just obeyed His Word, we would have been spared some of the pain we encounter.

Watch a clip from the interview below. To watch the full episode with your free trial, you can click here:



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