An ingenious way to connect with your kids

Have you ever tried to connect with your children, only to find them disinterested or distracted? Maybe you’ve been trying to have conversation that’s more than just surface level, but it seems to go nowhere. Well, it may be because you’ve been using the wrong time or wrong setting.

Dr. Kathy Koch is the head of Celebrate Kids, an organization that focuses on reaching kids and equipping parents to connect with them. During a recent interview with Kirk Cameron as part of his weekly video series on The Campfire, she told him that car rides and bedtime are the ideal times to try and have more substantial conversations with your kids.

Why? It has to do with the eyes.

“Kids like car rides and the dark because they don’t have to look into our eyes,” she told Kirk. “Eye contact isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, sometimes it’s very intimidating.”

Watch the full clip below (with a bonus dad joke!). And if you want a FREE 30-day trial of Kirk’s The Campfire, you can sign up here.

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