Are all sins the same? Are some worse than others?

If you grew up in the church, or even if you’ve spent any time in it, you’ve likely been expose to the idea that, while some sins have great consequences, all sin is sin and is the same in God’s eyes. Not so, says Pastor John Elmore.

Elmore leads the recovery ministry at Watermark Community Church, a large congregation in the heart of Dallas. He calls the concept of “all sins are the same in God’s eyes” a type of “folk theology.”

“It’s like bumper sticker Christianity, where it sounds nice, it makes for good conversation so that someone maybe doesn’t feel condemned … and it’s not the case. And you see it throughout the scriptures, both in the Old and the New Testament,” he said on The Campfire podcast to host Jon Seidl.

He explained the concept in detail, while also not giving people a pass who may not be committing the “big” sins. And while usually the podcast is only available to subscribers, we’ve made this clip free. And to get the full interview, you can sign up for The Campfire FREE for 30 days.

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