Courage: Mom will deliver terminally ill baby to donate its organs

A mother in Oklahoma has made a heartbreaking, yet courageous decision involving her unborn baby. And it’s one that will save the lives of numerous other little ones.

Kerry Young found out recently that her unborn baby, Eva, has a terminally ill disease that means she won’t survive outside the womb. The doctor told the Youngs that instead of aborting Eva, they could donate her organs so that others could live. Kerry and her husband went to their pastor and had a very open conversation.

From FaithWire:

The couple went straight to church after the meeting, where a pastor told the couple that in their daughter’s 24 hours of life, she may save 50 lives. Young struggled with the idea at first saying was a “bad idea.” But it wasn’t long because she “knew” what they “had to do.”

The Youngs were following through on a conversation they had during the fall presidential election. After watching one of the debates where late-term abortion was a topic, Kerry made up her mind what she would do if she ever found herself in the position to have one.

“My exact words were, ‘If I were put in this position, I’d want that baby alive and healthy for as long as possible. So if that means carrying the baby to 40 weeks, I’d take it. And from a practical standpoint, organs! I’d love knowing my baby’s heart was still beating, even in another baby’s body,’” Kerry wrote on Facebook.

You can read her posts on Facebook here.


The Youngs had Eva and posted a celebration of life video. Watch that below:

We celebrated the life of our girl today. What a legacy she leaves behind. ???(This is not a sad post so please, please do not push the sad button ??)(We do not own the music ?)

Posted by Keri Young on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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