Moms, I’m in awe of you

Dear moms,

I think it’s time I give you some props…publicly. Over the last two years I’ve watched my wife transform into one of you, and it’s been nothing short of awe-inspiring. And I don’t think you get enough credit.

Your ability to invest in your children while balancing countless other tasks makes me dizzy thinking about it. Especially because I can’t even focus on two conversations at once. You? You can carry on one with your mom, your daughter, your sister, your friend, and the dog and not skip a beat. My wife not only invests in our daughter, but she also manages a successful business while serving at church. I’m still convinced there’s a cape hiding somewhere underneath her tank top — which she also found time to wash.

My mother did it, too. After a divorce that left her with nearly nothing, she battled to buy her own business while raising four kids. She also battled meningitis and a bad business partner, and she fought to start over with a new husband and a fifth child. She did it, because she relied on the strength that comes from the Lord.

Speaking of strength, don’t get me started on how you handle us dads. (OK, you got me started!) Moms, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that us dads take you for granted at times. I’m sorry that we can be so selfish about what we “need” and overlook what’s going on with you. I’m sorry that when we have a cold, the world ends and we are laid up for two days, and when you get sick you quietly sip some cough medicine and barely say a word.

I’m sorry we aren’t as aware as we could be. That hit me like projectile baby vomit the other night. Our A/C went out in the 100-degree Texas heat, forcing us downstairs to where it was cooler and out of our bedroom. Since we’re bed-training our 2-year-old, we brought in the fans and let her stay in her “big kid bed.” The next thing I know, my crying wife is standing over me in the guest bed with our toddler, begging me to take the next shift since she’s been up for the last four hours. I darted out of bed. I had no idea! I never even heard her cry! But you? You are so attentive. So in tune. So aware.

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Yes, I know us dads have our own unique abilities. And I’m not trying to dog on all dads or portray them deadbeats. And I think Hollywood and progressive culture has done too much to portray us as bumbling, fumbling idiots. But I do think us dads could serve you better. We could love you better. We could appreciate you better. We could celebrate you better. We could build you up better.

Moms, don’t let the circumstances around you steal your vitality. You play such an important role in the family unit and the family of God. The church and the world need you. We need your tenderness. Your passion. Your wisdom. Your talents. We need everything that you are. We need you front-and-center as we all work to bring Heaven to earth.

And please don’t think what you do goes unnoticed. Us dads do notice, but sometimes we’re not great about stopping and taking time to recognize it and vocalize it. In those times — when you feel caught in the rut of everyday motherhood — remember that your core strength comes from a dad that never shirks his responsibilities, that always appreciates you, and that will never take you for granted. That father is God.

But for those times when you do need to hear it, come back to this post. Read these words and know that we do “get it.” I’d also recommend opening up a dialogue with your husband. Constant communication is important.

That brings me to the dads that may be reading this. Men, don’t let me take your place. Don’t let me be the one telling your wife that she’s appreciated, respected, and loved. That’s your job. That’s what you’re called to do. Help your wife carry the load. Be a co-laborer with her. Support her. Celebrate her uniqueness and her spirit. Build it up. And be sure to tell her how you feel.

Thank you, moms. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


An appreciative, awe-inspired dad

P.S. Moms, if you ever need some time away, print this off and give it to your husband. Tell them I said so.

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