Dedicated teenager rode his bike every day to work, then his co-workers did something incredible

If you are wondering if the next generation will be dedicated to their work, you should be happy to hear about Noah Robinson.

This young man was so determined to work hard and make a better life for himself that he rode his bike to work every single day, always arriving on time no matter the weather conditions. Robinson is 19 years old, an employee at Glastender, a family owned business located in Saginaw, Michigan and had no car. So, Robinson would be forced to muster through the blistering cold weather on his bicycle that is just around the corner.

That was, until, Robinson’s co-workers all chipped in to surprise him with a birthday gift that he’ll never forget… His very own car.

“I was out of words, I was crying,” Noah Robinson told WNEM-TV. “I was happy.”

Robinson has been on his own for a few years due to an unstable home life. But his co-workers wanted him to know that he does not have to face the challenges of life alone.

“It was nice to be able to do it because I think he now sees that he is a part of our family and he knows we’re going to be there for him,” said Dan McGrandy, engineering tech at Glastender.

Not only did they buy him a car, but the owner of the company took him to driver’s education courses, and they even paid for one year of his car insurance.

Robinson was extremely thankful for the generosity of his team, saying, “It makes me feel like blessed, like I got good people around me.”


As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, is there someone like Noah Robinson in your life that you could bless?

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