Famed author offers another powerful reason to put down your cellphone

Simon Sinek has made a living off of offering solid advice. And he’s done it once again with a new video that offers advice regarding our cell phones that we would all be wise to digest.

Durina Q&A session at a recent talk, Sinek was asked:

“I know you said that it would be the company’s responsibility to try to teach us how to be patient, but do you possibly have a teachable moment on how to maintain patience and fulfillment in that journey?”

“Yes! Yes I do!” Sinek blurted out. “Let’s do a really, really, really, easy one. OK? Simple, not easy.”

He proceeded to borrow an audience member’s phone:

“What if I were to hold my phone while I were giving this talk? It’s not beeping, it’s not buzzing, and I’m not checking it. I’m simply holding it. Do you feel like you’re the most important thing to me right now? No you do not. And that’s the point. There’s a subconscious reaction to the device. It literally makes people feel like they are not important simply by having it out.”

Feeling a little guilty yet? He continued.

“There should be zero phones on the table in a meeting, at lunch, at dinner, if you are meeting with or eating with anyone besides yourself.”

The line generated raucous applause.

“Because when you put the phone on the table you basically say to everyone else at the table, ‘You’re not the most important thing to me right now,’ and they can feel it.”

He goes on to give some comical, and spot-on examples.

The question and response start around the two-minute mark:

Q&A: Cell phones, fulfillment and relationships

If you want to hear me rant more about our cell phones, fulfillment and relationships, watch some of this Q&A from this CreativeMornings event I did with CreativeMornings San Diego this fall.Watch the full Q&A at https://youtu.be/M3rsXos0TD8 and the full talk at https://youtu.be/sjxNTcsquG8.#helpothers #togetherisbetter

Posted by Simon Sinek on Monday, February 27, 2017

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