Five books that have changed Kirk Cameron’s life

If you have ever clung to a book about faith during a tragedy, or desperately searched through bound pages looking for parenting advice, you are probably very thankful for the authors that took the time to sit down and write something that forever impacted the way you live.

The books we read have a way of sticking with us, I think more so than movies or television shows. The words sit in our minds and process down to our hearts, making us ask ourselves questions that we’ve never thought of before. The kinds of books that change our lives open our minds to something much bigger than ourselves.

Kirk Cameron talks about five books that have made the biggest impact in his life in his new weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The Campfire. When you see someone like Kirk, someone who has maintained a healthy marriage in the midst of Hollywood pressures and spotlights, someone who has raised six children and has kept Jesus at the center of his family, you might want to ask, “What do you read?”

Well, his first answer might be obvious, though it should not be overlooked. The Bible. On why he loves the Bible so much, Kirk says, “It has shaped individuals, it has shaped the destiny of families, and has determined the destiny of nations.”

I’d say that’s a pretty good answer.

He goes on to say that God has also blessed us with incredible thinkers and writers that help us understand His Word and His world better. So, what are some of the books that have changed the way Kirk Cameron lives?

One book he mentions in The Campfire video is More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. Kirk shares that before he became a Christian, he struggled to break free from the thought that God wasn’t real and that the Bible wasn’t true. Though this book changed everything for Kirk.

He shares, “After reading this book, it just convinced me that Jesus actually is who He claimed to be.”

What books have shaped your life the most? Tell Kirk in the comments on Facebook!

To hear the other three books that have been influential in Kirk’s life, visit The Campfire today.


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