For all the bullies and bullying victims

With school back in full swing, no doubt stories of bullying are about to become more prevalent. And the effects of such acts can be devastating for our children, especially considering bullying can occur from hundreds of miles away through the use of technology. And while us parents may seem at a loss for words when we hear about such things, one young woman who has been there has a message for both victims and perpetrators.

Chloe Howard, 18, was born with a disability: a clubbed foot. In high school, that led to a heart wrenching attack where she was targeted by three other girls, pinned down, and had her shoe and socked ripped off to reveal her deformity. It changed her life forever, and now she’s using the incident and what she decided to do after to bring a message of hope in the new book “Stand Beautiful.”

Recently, Chloe joined The Campfire to talk about the abuse, the book, and how she’s using it to inspire others. And she delivered a special message to young people who find themselves in a similar situation.

“I would tell them exactly what I needed to hear after my assault,” she said. “They are not alone, they never were alone, and they never will be alone.”

She also encouraged victims to find their identity in something greater.

“That is not your identity,” she added. “You are more than this and you have the power to be resilient and you have the power to determine what your choices are. So choose to stand beautiful, choose to see yourself as beautiful and made with purpose.”

But her message isn’t just for bullying victims. She also has a challenge for people who target others: “You are not a bad person. You are more than this, and I know you must be hurting,” she said. “Don’t identify yourself as the bully. Rise above it.”

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Click play to listen to Chloe’s message:

To read all of Chloe’s story you can pick up her new book, “Stand Beautiful.”

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