For those who have experienced infidelity

It seems as though I hear stories of infidelity in marriage every other week. Husbands cheating on their wives, wives leaving their families behind for another man, and marriages falling apart from addictions and lies. It’s beyond heartbreaking and wakes me up to the depravity of man.

We live in a broken world, and we have to keep our guard up. No one is immune to the temptations of sin.

If you have ever experienced the pain brought on by marital infidelity, I think you would benefit from listening to our conversation with TheCourage contributor, Andrea Stunz, during a recent exclusive audio interview inside Kirk Cameron’s The Campfire. 

Andrea and her husband are both followers of Christ, and with years of marriage and years of raising a family under their belt, infidelity was the last thing she expected to confront this year. If there’s anyone that knows the feeling of shock and betrayal, it’s Andrea.

She shares, “I just got a phone call from my husband in April of this year that would change the rest of our lives.”

We wanted to interview Andrea because we know that she is not the only one fighting this battle right now. And from what we know about her, she is fighting with grace and strength. We asked her how she would encourage someone going through this and her initial response is beautiful:

“It’s really tough to say what words I would say because I think I would just want to cry with them first.”

How many of you need someone that will just listen and cry with you in your pain? Whether it’s infidelity, loss of a loved one, or just a bad day, often times the best encouragement you can receive from a friend is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

She goes on to encourage the listeners with a simple but powerful statement: “God is enough. I had to get to the point of thinking, ‘If I lost everything that I held so dear, is God enough?’ And I can now say that He is.”

To hear more of her uplifting, hope-filled words, listen to a clip from the interview below:

We enjoyed our conversation with Andrea so much because of her vulnerability and honesty, two things we need more of in our church communities. If you want to hear more of her story and how she is moving forward in this struggle, visit The Campfire today.


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