Greg Thornbury reveals Larry Norman’s ties to Jews for Jesus

We hear many people complaining about how lost our culture is today, and they aren’t wrong. The depravity of the human soul is on display for all to see just by turning on your television or opening your internet browser. So, who is leading the way in this morally corrupt movement?

It’s not uncommon to blame the mainstream media and the music our children are listening to. However, what are we as Christians doing to be a solution to the problem? We are called to be a city on the hill and a light in the darkness, but how are we going to light up the darkness if we don’t face the darkness head on?

This was the question that Larry Norman had an answer to. Larry Norman is known as THE founder of Christian rock and Christian Contemporary music. That’s right, before Norman, there weren’t any widely-known contemporary Christian songs. He knew that without music that pointed to deeper, gospel truths, an entire generation would be lost.

“He would preach Jesus to the people that the church had nothing to do with.”

These are the words from author and The King’s College chancellor, Greg Thornbury, during a recent exclusive audio interview inside Kirk Cameron’s The Campfire. Thornbury recently wrote Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?: Larry Norman and the Perils of Christian Rock, and we talked all about the reasons Larry made such an impact on Christian and secular culture. He even shared something about the rock musician that you may not know.

Not only can we thank Norman for contemporary Christian music, but he’s also the reason that Jews for Jesus exists.

Hear Norman’s connection to the ministry in an audio clip from the interview below:

Next time we find ourselves complaining about our culture, we should be inspired by people like Larry Norman to go out into the world and make an impact in the culture by loving others and sharing the gospel with them. No one is too far outside of God’s reach.

To hear more interesting stories about Larry Norman and to have access to all things Kirk Cameron, listen to the full interview on The Campfire today.



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