How dads can step up and support moms from the authors of ‘Risen Motherhood’

Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler are the hosts of the wildly popular podcast, Risen Motherhood. This week, they’re also the authors of the new book by the same name. And while the name of their book and podcast contain “motherhood,” their message isn’t exclusively for moms — they also have a special message for dads.

“I think one of the biggest things that he has done and what we have done together is just trying to out serve one another,” Laura told The Campfire podcast when asked what her husband has done well as the friends — and sister-in-laws — have taken time to focus on their work and ministry. “I so appreciated that because as I have worked more and more over the years, I’ve found my husband stepping up and doing the dishes, and putting the kids to bed, giving them baths. And it’s not always that he’s the first to remember to do something, but if I ask he’s the first to say, ‘Yes!’ And he has a joyful heart in serving.”

That’s important, she added, because moms can’t expect dads to have the same “sixth sense” when it comes to understanding the needs they seem to innately recognize.

“Another thing he does is ask, ‘Hey, how can I help you? How can I love you? How can I serve you?’ And so just him articulating that desire to help … and by him showing interest and him asking questions, that has been a huge gift to me and a huge gift to our family to continue running smoothly,” she explained.

“One way my husband has helped me is by leading our family through having the conversations with me about, ‘Hey, what are our different work-life situations going to look like?'” Emily added.

By having those conversations ahead of time, it makes the family run smoothly when one or both of them get busy or have commitments that take them away.

You can listen to the two go in-depth on the topic below. And then sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of The Campfire to listen to the entire podcast, where Laura and Emily talk about things like mom guilt, postpartum depression, and how to navigate work and motherhood.

You can also check out the book, “Risen Motherhood,” here.

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