How to do a family devotional together every week

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 

When you read that verse, how does it make you feel? Perhaps you’re encouraged because you’re doing an absolutely fantastic job at teaching and training your children all about God and His promises.

Maybe you’re discouraged because you’re worried you’re not training your children in the ways of the Lord.

Or maybe you’re simply asking this: “How do I do it? How can I lead and help my family grow closer to the Lord?”

Leading a family toward God is no simple task, and if you want to do it well, you cannot do it on your own. That’s why Becky Kopitzke, author and TheCourage contributor, created the Family Devo Kit. She wanted to give families a tool that would bring families together with children of all different ages to talk about God.

We were excited to chat with our friend Becky Kopitzke during an exclusive audio interview inside Kirk Cameron’s The Campfire. She explains that while children can learn about God at church or a Christian school, all of that teaching should be supplementary to what they are learning at home from their mom and dad.

That’s where the Family Devo Kit comes in. Once a week, you can set a little bit of time aside with your family to start a meaningful conversation.

“For me, it’s been really exciting to think about the fact that families will grow closer together, and grow closer to the Lord together, by using the Family Devo Kit,” Becky shares.

If you, like many other families, think that you do not have the time for something this, here’s Becky’s response:

“All we have to do is find the time. Maybe it’s just twenty minutes. If it’s a priority in your family, the time is not difficult to find,” Becky says. She continues, “I think we think that time is the problem because we don’t know how to use the time.” The family devo is kit is a solution to that problem.

Listen to a clip from the audio interview below:

To hear more about why Becky wrote the Family Devo Kit and the importance of sharing God’s Word in your home, visit The Campfire today.

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