How to do a family devotional

How many of us have realized the need to do a family devotional but feel lost when it comes to actually implementing one? Well, if that’s you then you’re in the right place.

Recently Becky Kopitzke, author of “The Cranky Mom Fix” and the person behind The Campfire’s monthly Family Devotional Kit, joined Kirk Cameron to talk about the best way to implement family devotionals.

“How do you pull off a family devotion when maybe that’s not the norm for your family?” Kirk asked.

“You’ve got to make it about being the fun family,” Becky said. “Because we do not want Jesus to be a kill-joy. There are enough things out there that are going to kill our kids’ joy, it really better not be Jesus. So bring some elements of fun into it. And then understand it’s not going to pull off perfectly.”

She went on to explain practical tips for making sure your kids can connect with what you’re seeing. You can watch the clip below, and then sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of The Campfire and get the whole interview.

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