How to fight becoming a cranky parent

We’ve all had those moments with our children where we come to the end of our rope and just lose all our patience. And while we can recognize that eliminating those moments altogether is unlikely, that shouldn’t stop us from minimizing them or making sure that the exception doesn’t become the rule.

Enter Becky Kopitzke and her new book, “The Cranky Mom Fix.” Before you dismiss it as just for moms, though, be assured that it is not. The principles in the book apply just as much to dads. So what are those principles? How do you fix, minimize, or prevent being a cranky parent?

“In a few words,” she told The Campfire podcast, “The Cranky Mom Fix is about recognizing that our kids are not the enemy, getting to know them on their level and not expecting them to be mini adults or mini moms, and then implementing some grace-based parenting. The idea is to discipline in a way that doesn’t make Jesus a kill-joy.”

By following those principles, she said, family can become “fun” again.

Listen to the excerpt below, and then enjoy the entire podcast and explanation with a FREE 30-day trial of The Campfire:

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