How to get along better with your daughter-in-law (it may not be what you think)

There are some mothers who have an impeccable relationship with their daughter-in-law. And while that’s incredible, the reality for many more is that they don’t have the kind of relationship they envisioned with the woman their son chose to spend the rest of his life with. So what now? If that’s your reality, author Susie Davis has some great advice for you.

Davis is the author of the book “Dear Daughters: Love letters to the next generation.” She’s literally written the book on connecting with younger women, and she deals a lot with mothers-in-law who want to connect better with their daughters-in-law. During a recent interview on The Campfire podcast, she shared how the in-law relationship can be remedied.

But here’s the catch: She places a lot of responsibility on the mother.

“I think a lot of the responsibility is on the older [person], it’s on the parent, it’s on the mother-in-law or the mother,” she told podcast host Jon Seidl. “Because it’s our job to love and love and give and give and love and love our kids, nd then it’s our job to set them free. And for a lot of moms there needs to be a process of grief when they let their kids go. And for many women they have a difficulty letting their kids go. And that can impact their relationship with their in-laws. I’m just being frank here. I think that’s a lot of the problem.”

Listen to the full excerpt below, in which she also suggests how to go to counseling if things don’t seem to be getting better. And if you want the full interview, you can subscribe for FREE for 30 days to The Campfire here.

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