How to create lasting memories with your family

With school beginning and summer fading in the distance, the parental mindset switches from having fun with our families to the chaotic, ever-growing, to-do list. Your kids have grades to make, and you have meals to bake. Who has time for fun?

Though the weather is still inviting your family outdoors and the days remain long with the sun setting later. Why not continue the intentionality of creating fun, family memories? Are you helping to make memories for your children that they will never forget?

Kirk Cameron asks this question in his weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The Campfire. Kirk wants his family to be known as the family who has fun together. And how does he work to make sure the Cameron’s are having a good time?

Kirk shares a few of the activities he and his wife Chelsea do with their children and why he thinks this is so important. He says, “In the midst of all the discipling, in the midst of all the instruction and correction with your kids, be intentional about having fun.”

The key word here is “intentional.” Yes, kids can create fun on their own, but parents must take the responsibility of creating moments that will not only be fun for your children, but that will bring you closer together as a family. We can’t assume these moments will happen organically. It might take a little bit of planning and creativity, but it will be worth it!

Some of the activities Kirk and Chelsea’s family does for fun are simple, like making ice cream or cooking dinner over a fire. Though they also make time for an annual family vacation to a lake, spending time outdoors and visiting the local drive-in movie theater.

Kirk also says that it’s important that we make time to have fun with our spouse’s, as well. “Go for a walk, take a bike ride, go on a trip!” Again, these simple activities will strengthen your family bond exponentially.

To hear more of Kirk’s family fun activities watch the full video at The Campfire.





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