Husband’s tear-filled wedding vows for the daughter of his bride will make you cry

When YouTube star Cole LaBrant met his future wife, he understood he wasn’t just marrying her. That’s because his fiancé, Savannah, had a little girl, Everleigh. And while Cole vowed to love Savannah and lead her to Christ, he knew that his special day needed to include something else: A commitment to Everleigh. So in one of the most emotional wedding-day videos you’ll see, Cole decided to make that clear.

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In the video, which already has over 1 million views in a few hours, Cole can bee seen not only honoring Savannah but 4-year-old Everleigh. He gets down on a knee and promises to love both her mom and her. It gets better from there. But really, it’s something that is better seen than described:

OUR WEDDING VIDEO.Will leave you in tears… (vows to 4 year old daughter)

Posted by Cole LaBrant on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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And if you want more, you can watch both the proposal video and the full marriage video:

(H/T: Love What Matters)

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