‘Is it okay to doubt God?’ Kirk Cameron has an answer.

“If God is a loving God, why does He allow so much pain and chaos in our world?”

“I prayed for this, and He didn’t answer me. Is He even there?”

“Why does He let bad things happen to good people?”

These are all questions many people will ask on their journey of faith. These questions sound a lot like doubt. Wait, is it okay to doubt the God of the universe?

That’s the question Kirk Cameron set out to answer in his new weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The Campfire. He begins by sharing the reason many people who have faith in God might begin to doubt Him.

“Many people doubt God when things in life don’t line up with what they believe to be the character of God,” Kirk says.

Can you relate to this statement? I know I can! I once felt like I heard from God about something, though it ended in heartbreak and confusion. At that moment, I questioned whether God was as close as I thought He was, or if it was all something I was making up in my head.

But here’s the thing: We aren’t alone in our skeptical seasons of life. In fact, many of the faithful followers of Christ in the Bible also struggled with doubt, something Cameron mentions in his video. People like the apostle Thomas, Abraham’s wife Sarah, and even Peter.

“Even people who doubted did not stop God from being faithful to keep His promises and to demonstrate His faithful love to them,” Kirk encourages his audience.

In other words, the Lord can use your questions and your searching for truth as a way to bring you closer to Him.

“Understand that God gives you faith,” Kirk says. “And if you have faith in God, if you don’t have a settled rejection of God, ask God to help you in your doubting, and to lead you to the answers. Don’t be afraid of the journey to seeking them out.”

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