Is there hope for America?

Take a look at the headlines, turn on the news, or even just chat with your coworkers and it may seem like the world — and especially America — doesn’t have much hope. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Kirk Cameron.

In his weekly video series as part of The Campfire community, Kirk offered a prescription for America’s future. And it starts with us.

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“I believe that all we need to do … is return to our first love,” he said from his backyard. He continued: “And have the church once again become the light of the world even here in America.”

Kirk went on to note that the gospel is spreading far and wide across the world with Christianity breaking out in “the global south,” proof that God is working in powerful ways.

“I don’t think God is done with America yet,” he said. “And you, Jesus says, are the light of the world.”

“If we will let our light shine. If we will not grow weary in doing good. If we will bring glory to God in our families, and will reach out to help the widows and the orphans and the sick and the poor and the needy, I believe that God will respond, He will renew our nation, he’ll heal our land, forgive us our sin, and we will see revival in America.”

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Is there hope for America?

Is there hope for America? I'm back with another FREE episode of The Campfire! Join me in my backyard! (Watch more at

Posted by Kirk Cameron on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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