Is your marriage an idol? Here’s how to tell

Can marriage become an idol? If so, when? That’s the question Pastor John Piper tackled this week in his podcast.

The question comes from a woman named Valerie:

I deeply love my husband, and I am deeply grateful to God for lending him to me as my husband during this earthly life. But I don’t want to make him an idol in my life. What are some certain signs that I have made him in an idol in my life and in my personal security, and how can I love more and more my husband without finding my satisfaction in this relationship rather than my relationship with God?

Piper’s advice? He gives three ways you can tell:

  1. Does the thought, the real prospect of losing him, produce debilitating anxiety?
  2. Does your affection for and delight in your husband detract from or diminish your delight in the word of God, the people of God, and the service of God?
  3. Is your relationship with your husband regulated by the word of God?

Listen to him break those down below:

Do you fear marriage has become an idol in your life? Or maybe it’s the opposite, maybe you’ve neglected your marriage and made your children your idol. We have a resource for you called THE HEART OF FAMILY that will help you reorientate your marriage and family and realign your priorities.

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