Kirk Cameron gets personal in new video about the unborn and adoption

When you focus on all that’s wrong with the world, you can quickly sink into a dark place. However, there are groups of people out there that are doing a whole lot of good to combat the darkness. These organizations are feeding the poor, providing shelter for abused women and children, and they’re saving babies.

Kirk Cameron talks about an organization that’s doing a lot of good for the lives of the unborn in his new weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The Campfire. In fact, they have saved over 4,000 babies! Who is this organization? Save the Storks.

Save The Storks is a non-profit organization that partners with pregnancy resource centers throughout the country to give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever. They provide women with resources, free sonograms, and support that they would have otherwise not had access to, all via 43 “Stork Busses” that travel the country.

Kirk is passionate about this organization for multiple reasons, though he shares a personal reason in this video that many may not know:

His wife Chelsea was adopted, and they also have four adopted children. Each of his four adopted children which were “just one appointment away from not existing.”

“My whole family is here and is a gift to my life because of people like Save the Storks,” Kirk continues.

Are you passionate about an organization that’s bringing the light of Jesus into this world? Why do you support them? We have the opportunity to make our communities a little brighter by partnering with and supporting incredible organizations just like Save the Storks.

To hear more about why Kirk loves this organization so much, you can watch the video by signing up for a free 14-day trial of The Campfire today.

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