Kirk Cameron reveals new details of his earliest memories with wife Chelsea

Marriage is work. Anyone that has been married for more than a month knows exactly what this statement means. But what should this work look like?

It’s encouraging your spouse when you need encouragement, too. It’s holding your tongue when you’re upset. It’s asking the hard questions and being vulnerable with each other. It’s praying together and serving others together.

These may or not be the things you think about when it comes to the work of marriage. I sometimes forget that all of this is required for a healthy, loving relationship, too. Though there’s something else that we can be doing to keep our marriages strong, and Kirk Cameron reminded me of this activity in his new weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The Campfire.

In the new video, Kirk sits down in his backyard to reflect on a few stories of how he and his wife Chelsea fell in love, their first date, and how he proposed. Many of you know that they met on the set of Growing Pains, but do you know how their relationship really began?

Kirk shares, “One moment I’ll never forget is when I first asked Chelsea out on a date. I was so nervous to do this.” He goes on to say that he and Chelsea shared a “mud pie” at a restaurant and they had an amazing time together.

His love for his wife is so evident as he recalls their earliest memories together. He even talks about the moment he knew wanted to marry Chelsea:

“I thought to myself, ‘When you meet someone like this, someone who is so beautiful, and even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside, I need to be quick on the draw and ask her to be my wife.'”

So, what does this have to do with the important work of marriage?

What Kirk is doing in this video is what all spouses need to do every once in a while. Take a moment to sit down together and talk about your earliest memories in your relationship. When did you first notice the other person? What do you remember about your first date? When did you first know you loved your spouse?

Reflecting on the beginnings of your dating and married relationship will stir your hearts for each other. These memories are a gift to your marriage and should be kept alive throughout your entire relationship. Kirk even suggests that you share early memories with your children. It’s not only healthy for your marriage but your entire family!

To hear more about Kirk and Chelsea’s love story, watch the full video at The Campfire. You can get weekly videos from Kirk delivered right to your inbox by signing up today.


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