Kirk Cameron’s daughter dishes on growing up a Cameron

Ever wonder what it was like growing up with Kirk Cameron? Well, the most recent episode of The Campfire gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like being a Cameron from someone who knows best: Bella Cameron.

Bella is Kirk and Chelsea Cameron’s eldest daughter. And while she recently moved out to blaze her own path as a worship leader, the memories of growing up with Kirk are still fresh. And Bella dished on what it was like when Kirk had her as a guest on his subscription video series, The Campfire.


“A lot of people know that you grew up in the Cameron house, and so they would probably figure that you have some inside scoops on what it was really like,” Kirk began. “So let me ask you, what was your favorite part about growing up in our house?”

“Honestly, Dad, I always loved and valued how important family was to you,” Bella answered. “I know you had to travel and I know that sometimes you had to take a weekend and do a speaking event, but you always made sure that your family was your number one priority.”

She went on to explain how the family would do home church from time to time, with Kirk delivering a message and the family singing.

“I think one day, if I get married who knows, but one day I’d like to do that for my family too,” she said. “I want them to know how important family is, because the family is something that God created. The church starts with the family. And so I think it’s so important as parents to teach your family how important they are to you.”

We’re not going to say Kirk got choked up, but you can watch for yourself. And to watch the full episode with your free trial, you can click here:

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