Marriages are being restored this week and here’s why

It happened again.

We opened registration for THE HEART OF FAMILY course last week and I was blown away by the vulnerability and honesty from our participants. Tears filled my eyes as I scrolled through the stories of men and women fighting for their marriage and their family.

And now, I’m wiping tears from my eyes yet again. The first video lesson and study guide was released yesterday, and participants started sharing what they learned from “Lesson One: What Is Marriage?

To think that God is using this course to bring families back to Him is quite an overwhelming thought. These comments are filled with hope and excitement, and that really pumps me up.

Do you want to see what God is already doing through this course?

“I have never thought of marriage as a sanctification or refining process. To be honest I begged and pleaded with God many times to show me why he allowed me to marry my husband. I always thought of it as a curse or punishment. This is an answer to many pleas and prayers. Apparently, God had a plan all along. I just needed to see the truth! God gave us each other to learn to love and live like Him. There is hope for love and joy in our marriage. I can finally see marriage as the blessing God intended it to be. Thank you for loving the Lord and sharing His wisdom! You completely changed my perspective on our marriage! Amen!!!!”- Michelle

“Wow!!! God has worked through you both. To send us all this powerful message on marriage!! I cannot wait to share this with my husband. I am also wanting to watch it again for myself. Now to the study. God bless you both!!!” – Lanette

“Thank you Kirk and Chelsea. My hubby of 20 years and I watched the first video session today. Our life is crazy. He’s a dispatcher for 911 and we also do foster care. We have 6 children currently (4 bio’s , 1 adopted, and 1 foster with another placement possibly coming this Wednesday). Between all those things, we have fallen in a habit of being too busy to show each other ‘delight’ when we come home from work or appointments. That really stood out to us today and we had a great time taking about it and making a plan to do more delighting! Thanks for opening up to us all and thanks to God for ordaining this class right at this time!”- Julianne

“I completed course 1 feeling very encouraged and so blessed. I cried as many parts hit so close to home. My husband and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary July 4th and our children are grown. Thank you both for inviting us into your lives to share the wealth of wisdom The Lord has shown you both. It’s just completely amazing how God continues to work especially when we are willing vessels.” – Tracy

“This video made me think of marriage from a different angle to focus on changing me and let God do the work in my spouse rather than try to change him to meet my needs.”- Jennifer

 “I just finished the video and study guide. I have had the most difficult time moving forward after my divorce 5 years ago. I really wanted to skip this lesson because I am not married so how could it possibly apply to me. I recently began this journey about being curious…curious about why? So, why do I think there isn’t anything I could learn in this lesson about marriage? Is it because of fear? Fear that I may discover something new about myself that I need to learn? Fear I will find an area in my life I need to give to God or repent of? Well, God is good and amazing. He has shown me some positive sides to being married and where my thinking had become way negative and wrong on so many levels. 
Feeling like the layers of an onion being pulled back revealing a shiny smooth middle layer…a good layer…a positive layer.”- Amy

“Just finished up this 1st week, we really had some laughs and some tears during the study guide portion . . . We spent a good hour and a half between the video and study. Really digging deep. Looking forward to next week.”- Jeremy and Heather

Thank you to those who are opening up their hearts to TheCourage family. You are inspiring us more than you know.

Marriages are being revitalized, and it’s only the first week! If you want to be a part of this beautiful journey, sign up for the course today. What do you have to lose?

Do you want a stronger, healthier marriage? Start working toward that today with this online video course. 

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