Priscilla Shirer on how to reach younger generations for Christ

By: Tré Goins-Phillips

It’s important for Christians to walk the fine line between using and embracing culture.

Speaking with Faithwire this week, Bible teacher, author and actor Priscilla Shirer encouraged fellow believers to realize “packaging changes but principles never do.”

“As culture morphs and becomes more modern, as technology advances — all of those things — we can take advantage of all of that without in any way molding and trying to conform the principles of truth just to suit newer thinking,” she explained. “We’ve got to remain true to the truths of God’s Word.”

Standing on the red carpet for an early premiere of the upcoming movie “Breakthrough,” starring “This Is Us” actor Chrissy Metz, Daytime Emmy winner Topher Grace and Golden Globe nominee Dennis Haysbert, Shirer said Christians should work to leverage art and technology to advance the Gospel.

That’s exactly what the 44-year-old preacher has done with her own career. In addition to teaching and writing, Shirer, daughter of well-known evangelist Tony Evans, was the lead actor in the 2015 drama “War Room,” which made the case for prayer on the silver screen, and is slated to reprise her acting career this August in “Overcomer,” a sports drama about finding identity in God.

Shirer argued we are in a golden era, so to speak, of faith-based entertainment, praising films like “Overcomer” and “Breakthrough,” which chronicles the real-life miraculous story of a Missouri boy who fell beneath an icy lake in 2015 and was declared dead for an hour before he inexplicably woke up.

“People en masse have never come out to see unapologetic Gospel films — I’m not talking about just general inspiration, I mean ‘Jesus is Lord’ kind of stuff,” Shirer said. “They’re coming en masse because there’s technical excellence to actually match the Gospel story.”

The key to success when it comes to evangelizing, she explained, is marrying “strong principles with brand new packaging.”

“It allows a red carpet to be rolled out for a brand new audience.”

“Breakthrough” debuts in theaters across the country Wednesday, April 17. For more information about the film or to buy tickets, click here.

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