Read the contract a Christian illusionist made his teen daughter sign to get a phone

Kids and technology is a hot topic these days, with parents trying to figure out the best way to introduce phones, tablets, and the like to their children in the best way. Christian illusionist Jim Munroe came up with one such way, and it involves a lengthy and very specific contract.

Munroe posted a photo of the agreement he asked his daughter, Peyton, to sign if she wanted to get a phone. The stipulations are clear:

  • Respectful attitude
  • Truthfulness
  • Monitoring software, location openness, and quiet hours
  • Restrictions on SnapChatting boys
  • Grades
  • Chores
  • Responsibility for lost or broken phone

“Peyton Munroe agrees to tell the truth always, no matter how difficult the circumstance,” one of the points reads.

“Peyton Munroe agrees to not include members of the opposite sex on her SnapChat profile, until otherwise specified by her parents,” another says. “Peyton Munroe agrees that she will abide by her parents’ rules about boys, regardless of her opinion, because she knows her parents love her and are looking out for her best interests.”

You can read all of the stipulations below:

(Source: Jim Munroe)

“The child has changed!” Monroe tells TheCourage. “She likes being treated like a grown up. She has also taken much more consideration of her responsibilities, as a person and as a worker.”

He also says the software he and his wife implemented has been very helpful.

“The OurPact software is just absolutely amazing. Every parent should own it.”

Munroe is a Dallas-based illusionist who travels the country. His captivating show, “The Maze,” includes his personal story of facing death as the result of Lukemia, and the turn of events that led to his life being saved. You can watch his I Am Second video below:

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This story has been updated with additional comments from Munroe.

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