Hope In The Midst Of Fears

Revive Us 2

Hope In The Midst Of Fears

Go online and chances are there is a story about something that will cause you to sit back and ask, “What is this world coming to?” Like many of us, one famous entertainer recently said he was afraid for his children having to grow up in the world today.

Trillia Newbell, the author of the book “Fear and Faith,” is one of Kirk Cameron’s guests at REVIVE US 2. Check out what Trillia writes about hope:

“There is, however, and thankfully, a remedy for all our fears. That remedy comes as a person, and the means through which He provides the comfort, along with the Holy Spirit, is through His Word. To fight our fears, we will look at God’s sovereignty and love and watch our fears dissipate as we apply God’s Word to our lives. The very thing we are holding on to (control) is, ironically, the thing we most need to let go of.”

Make your plans now to see REVIVE US 2 in a theater near you, LIVE on Tuesday, October 24 or the encore Wednesday, November 1.

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