How to find unity in your family

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How to find unity in your family

It’s no secret that our country is in desperate need for unity. Unfortunately, all the shouting for unity isn’t getting us very far. Simply recognizing that we need to build a healthier, more loving culture is not enough. So, how do we get there? How will we ever leave this country a better place for our children?

Alex Kendrick believes there is an answer.

“As I study scripture, I see that unity is not something you automatically have, it’s something that happens when we are aimed at the right mission and fighting the right battle,” Kendrick, Christian filmmaker, author, and pastor, told TheCourage recently on a phone interview. “It’s a gift that the Lord allows us to experience when we’re doing the right thing.”

In other words, the only way will experience true, life-giving unity is when we are working together toward a common and good goal. Sounds like a lofty ambition, right? So how can we rally our divided communities to be “on mission” together? Kendrick says it begins with individual families.

“When we are focused on the Lord as a family, and we love God and love each other, that will create one type of unity. But there’s an even deeper unity that can happen when we are engaged in the mission that God has for us together.”

Kendrick, a father of six children, says that unity in the home begins with himself. He and his wife first focus on personally pursuing a relationship with Jesus. Once that is in line, they then make sure their children feel loved by them, “If they know I love them, they will listen to me. It’s human nature, they will gravitate toward those who they feel love them the most.”

When there is a strong relationship between you, God, and your family, you can then begin to ask the question, “What has God called our family to do?” Kendrick says this could range from a mission trip, to the sports field, to reaching out to your neighbors. When you go out into the world to bring glory to God’s name together, that is when your family will be truly united.

Kendrick’s last comments were impactful, “Unity in the family is crucial, and it must come before we will ever see unity in politics and culture.” If we are tired of the constant division we see on the news and even in our churches, we have to first look in the mirror. What are we doing to generate unity in our families?

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