Should we just check out and throw in the towel?

Revive Us 2

Should we just check out and throw in the towel?

Kirk Cameron recently asked an important question: With everything going on around us, what if we just retreated to our own little circles, tuned it all out, lived our lives like we want, and let evil run its course?

His answer? No way!

“I find people are ready to throw in the towel. They’re ready to just hide in a corner and give up in terms of transforming culture,” he said during a recent Facebook live. “The question we should ask is, ‘Is it time to check out or is it time to lean in?’”

“I think you know my answer to that question,” he continued. “ It’s time to lean in. My goodness, we have kids in this world! Now’s not to the time to check out and let it deteriorate! It’s time to rebuild and to restore and to nourish and protect. So who are the best people to do that. You and me. Moms and dads who care. Husbands and wives who want our marriage and our life to picture of God’s love for his bride church.”

Watch it here

If you agree and are looking for a way to engage culture, join Kirk at REVIVE US 2 live on October 24. He’ll be joined by special guests like Dr. Ben Carson to talk about how Christians can unite and be a light in the darkness.

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