The good news the media isn’t telling you

Revive Us 2

The good news the media isn’t telling you

It’s almost time for Kirk Cameron’s second National Meeting of the Family of Faith. And if you turn on any source of news any day or time, you know why he’s hosting this powerful event.

Just when the divisive negative news seems to have infiltrated our nation, Kirk is ready to flip the narrative back toward hope, courage, and unity.

“There are voices that are telling us that we are irreparably divided. I don’t believe that. … I see an awakening—I really do. I see a fresh momentum building, and a shift in our culture,” Kirk says.

“A shift away from people of faith hiding their faith, relegating it to something private that they experience on a Sunday morning to elevating their Biblical values front-and-center, and realizing that ‘if I don’t live out my faith in selecting leaders for my school board and for my nation, if I don’t live out my faith when it comes to my business practices and my choices of art and entertainment, well then, other people will make those choices for me. And so maybe my faith applies to everything, and I want to make a difference.’”

Read more of Kirk’s hopes of REVIVE US 2 and be sure to get your tickets to the live event in theaters Tuesday, October 24 or the encore on Wednesday, November 1.

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