This isn’t the finish line…and here’s why

Revive Us 2

This isn’t the finish line…and here’s why

One year ago, at the national family meeting of the family of faith, Christians united en masse to come together, join hands and hearts, and talk about the principles that were necessary to guide this nation’s future. They spoke up on election day with the largest turnout ever of evangelicals at the polls.

Many saw that as the finish line. But guess what: It was the starting line!

Now is the time we need to unite and embrace the responsibility and the opportunity to shape the future of this country. If we stop now, everything is in vain. We can’t give up now.

That’s why October 24 is so important. That’s when we’re all going to meet again to talk about a way forward. How do we break through the division that seems to be all around? How do we have respectful dialogue with those who disagree? How can we heal?

Join people like Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Ben Carson, and Joni Eareckson Tada for a night of hope, unity, and courage at REVIVE US 2, a LIVE event in theaters Tuesday, October 24 with an encore presentation November 1.

Plan Your Night!



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