Where is God when I’m going through something hard?

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Where is God when I’m going through something hard?

There is no shortage of pain, hurt, and difficulty in our lives. In fact, sometimes it feels like that’s all we can seem to find. During those times, it’s normal to wonder where God is.

Enter Jennifer Rothschild. Rothschild suffered a debilitating eye disease when she was 15 that took away her sight. She’s completely blind, and now must rely on others, especially her husband, to get through her day. She, more than anyone else, could have a reason to question God. So does she?

“When we’re going through a tough time and life really doesn’t make sense, I think that’s when we need to shift from looking for a solution and just looking to Jesus,” she told TheCourage backstage before REVIVE US 2.

“Because what we’re really looking for is strength and hope. And strength and hope don’t come when answers come, they come when we get this intimate relationship with Jesus,” she added. “One of the ways I stay encouraged is when blindness is feeling so heavy I remind myself that earth is short, but Heaven is long.”

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