Sadie Robertson delivers powerful sermon about the power of Jesus Christ: ‘Time does not heal, Jesus heals!’

Many of us watched Sadie Robertson grow up on the show “Duck Dynasty.” But don’t make the mistake of thinking that she’s still the dimple-faced little girl that freaked out her dad while learning to drive. She’s now a passionate young woman who is declaring the truth wherever she goes. And her latest message is absolutely powerful.

In a recent sermon delivered to her “fellow college aged friends,” Sadie combats the therapeutic idea that “time heals.” Not only does she talk about how that is wrong, she explains why.

“No, guys, time does not heal!” she declares. “Jesus heals! What time does is fogs things a little bit. It makes you forget about it from time-to-time, but whenever somebody’s name comes up or whenever something is right in front of you, if you feel a drop in your stomach and you don’t feel peace and you feel fear, then time did not heal.”

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She explains a conversation that she had with her mentor about what she needed to do instead.

“She said, ‘Sadie, the good news is you can be [free], but the bad thing is you’re going to have to go there. … If you want God to cover it with truth, then you’re going to have to speak out the lies. If you want to experience God’s beauty, you’re going to have to exhale your ugly!'”

Sadie’s message was delivered in Atlanta at Passion City Church’s gathering for college students. You can watch the clip below:

full message is on my YouTube page. I'm blown away by the response to this message. I pray over every single person who watches.

Posted by Sadie Robertson on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It’s a message that not only every college student should hear, but that is powerful for all Christians. You can watch the entire 30-minute sermon below:

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