So, what exactly is the work of motherhood?

It isn’t abnormal for mothers to feel that sometimes their work goes unnoticed, but a new video from The Village Church is combating that “lie.”

Paige Watkins, a mother and covenant member of The Village, explains why that idea is false.

“Our work is very seen,” she explains. “The eyes of the Lord are in every place.”  

She finds comfort and challenge in Paul’s letter to the Collosians.

“He says all work is unto the Lord, and that He was never impressed with how sophisticated my work was, how impressive it was, it was always the posture of my heart.”

Additionally, she says, women can sometimes feel the work of motherhood is “lowly,” dirty, and repetitive. But she goes on to cite Jesus and his washing of the disciples feet as well as him providing food for his disciples.

“With our children, we have the ability in their little context to constantly connect truth with their reality, that the kingdom is among us, it is here now, and we can constantly invite them to the very real presence of God.”

But the video isn’t just striking a chord with women.

I’m a single guy and I am extremely encouraged by the well articulated Gospel truths that, regardless of my occupation, are absolutely relevant,” Michael writes on Facebook. “A delightful reminder of the hope for not only what we long for but also what we work securely in each day.”

Watch the full video below:

What is the Work of Motherhood?

Posted by The Village Church on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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