The Cameron family secret to the best life

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Sometimes I think I could move from “Holly-weird” to the country, live in an old farmhouse on 40 acres of pine trees, grow (or hunt) our own food, and drive a tractor… but then my wife slaps me out of my silly daydream and reminds me of my 7AM appointment at the office with the social media team.

In my heart (as I jet-set across America), I think I’ve gone country. I don’t own alligator boots yet, but I imagine country livin’ is a simpler and less complicated way of life than I’ve experienced in my backyard concrete jungle, as a moviemaker whose daily schedule makes me often forget to stop and smell the roses.

Jeans, boots, a Yetti 110 in the back of a Chevy Silverado (or an F-150 Raptor), gui-tar music, and my beautiful wife and children with me watching the sun set over yonder… sounds nice, eh?

Well, I know that some people actually live that kind of life. And some of them actually daydream about living a different life in a big city, where there’s always something new going on, lots of people, tons to do, and where the fun never ends. It’s curious to me: Why does the grass always seem greener on the other side of the tractor?

I think the truth is that “the good life” isn’t so far away from any of us. I believe it isn’t so much about where you live, but who you know. I’m from LA and my wife’s from NY. We met on the set of “Growing Pains,” started a home and filled it with six kids. Because of work, we live near the city, but I bought a tractor like the one below on craigslist and parked it in our back yard in hopes that one day I’ll find 40 acres to plow.

(Source: Kirk Cameron)

But for now, we’ve found the secret to the best kind of life (whether you’re a hillbilly or a city-slicker). Here is our Cameron family recipe for a good and happy life.

1) Love God
2) Family First
3) Be Kind
4) Work Hard
5) Tell the Truth
6) (Own a tractor at least once, especially if you have kids!)

When our kiddos were little, we used to have these Cameron family values Scotch-taped on our kitchen fridge door so we’d read them every time we reached for a carton of milk. Today, all our kids are teenagers — driving, working, going to school, playing sports — and doing really well. I couldn’t be more thankful. Chelsea and I still “have their hearts,” and after 26 years of marriage, Chelsea and I still have each other’s hearts. And most importantly, I know that we are loved by the heart of God. Even without a 40-acre field to plow. How good is that?

Chelsea and I made a brand-new video project called, The Heart of Family. It’s our first offering (from our kitchen table), sharing with friends and family some of what we’ve learned about the challenges and joys of marriage and parenting, and learning how to find “the good life” wherever you live. Have a free date night? Consider a double date with me and my wife, at our house, every Monday, for six weeks. You can sign up for this online course right now, join our online community of families, and even join us for a live Q&A at the end of Lesson 6.

Remember: Love God. Family first. Be kind. Work hard. Tell the truth.

Blessings to you.

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