These unlikely singers are about to blow your mind with ‘America the Beautiful’

At first glance, Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett don’t look like they’re two guys who could carry a tune in a bucket. Instead, they look more at home carrying a few tools in a bucket. That’s not meant out of disrespect. In fact, it’s really part of their shtick.

See Gray and Arnett are contractors by day. They make their living hitting nails, not notes. But beneath the gruff contractor look lies something amazing: The pair can really sing! And thus they go by the name, The Singing Contractors.

They gained fame in 2015 for their rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” This weekend, their back with a special number in honor of Memorial Day. The song? “America the Beautiful.”

Check it out as we celebrate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice (the singing starts at about the two-minute mark):

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