These two words made me a better dad

Some days it feels like we just “have to.” We have to get up for work. We have to have that difficult conversation with someone. We have to come home and fix dinner. We have to go to that evening meeting or coach that ball game.

If we are honest, sometimes we think we have to when it comes to parenting. I have to be present for my children instead of doing what I want to do. I have to sacrifice my time for my children. I have to provide. I have to discipline my child and stand up for what is right (certainly true at times!).

The truth of the matter is that God gave us the role of fathers; the role of coach; the role of being a son of God, made in His image.

Guys, we “get to” be dads!

When we change our perspective to one of gratitude to God for our role as dads, we realize that we get to spend time with our kids. We get to coach ball games. We get to model leading at church. We get to influence positively in the workplace. And we get to provide. Not only to we get to provide a home, food, and safety, we also get to provide love, encouragement, and being present with our kids-let’s not forget these things!

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Another thing we get to do is offer grace and forgiveness to our kids.  God extends unconditional love and forgiveness to us when we change direction and ask for His forgiveness. We are grateful for that!

We should imitate God’s willingness to forgive and extend that forgiveness to our own children. After all, we enjoy it when God forgives us, right?  So how dare we not forgive our own kids and really show it! We should imitate God’s willingness to forgive and extend that forgiveness to our own children. 

This week, let’s take time to pause and truly enjoy every second we get to spend as a dad. Whether it is during tough times of forgiveness, or great times of celebration, let’s remember that being a dad is a privilege and honor that God gave us.

The tough times can be times that God is lovingly teaching us something that strengthens and improves us. The great times are times that God may be saying “Enjoy! You GET TO do this, because I made up this whole DAD thing.”

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