Three quick questions for a marriage checkup

Marriage is one of the most important factors of a healthy society. But so often it can easily get put on autopilot, fall apart, or just get stale. So author Arlene Pellicane is sharing three quick questions you can use for a quick marriage checkup. You can get them all in the video below.

And if you’d like to tune up your marriage, you can check out Kirk and Chelsea Cameron’s “The Heart of Family” online course, which includes six lessons to help you thrive in your relationship.

Marriage Quiz: Ask these 3 questions today

Ask these 3 questions today for a quick marriage checkup: 1. Are we laughing and having fun everyday? 2. Are we making love regularly? 3. Do I usually have an attitude of contempt or caring towards my spouse? For a resource, you can read "31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife" to become more purposeful in your marriage. A big shout out and thanks to my husband James who worked some video magic for our FB chat today and for the future!

Posted by Arlene Pellicane, Speaker & Author on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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