Wait until you see the comments left for Kirk Cameron

Close your eyes and think back to your wedding day. Think about the look on your spouse’s face as you both stood at the altar. Starry-eyed and holding hands, the love felt in your heart was evident to everyone around you. “In good times, and in bad,” you both promised.

Undivided devotion to the one you love. Now, there are probably more than a few of you that are wondering, “Where’d that go?” You’re not alone.

In fact, it’s likely that petty bickering, arguing, and fighting have creeped in; it tends to that to a lot of marriages. Guess what: It doesn’t have to stay that way!

Look, conflict in marriage is unavoidable. It’s going to happen. But if you learn how to fight fair, this conflict can be the very thing that brings you closer together.

That’s why Kirk and Chelsea Cameron created Fighting Fair, a six-lesson online course to help your marriage survive and thrive in marital conflict. The classes launch in just a few days, though hundreds of husbands and wives are already signing up!

We wanted to share with you some of the things they’re saying, and give you a glimpse of what they’re excited about:

“This couldn’t have come at a better time!! Only God knows how important these lessons will be for me and my spouse!” — Michelle

“I personally am not a fighter, I tend to shut down instead, which accomplishes nothing at all. Hoping to learn some new ways of expressing myself here.” — Allison

“We’ve been married 16 years and we do have disagreements. I’m looking forward to learning how to better handle those disagreements moving forward.” — Rebecca

“I’ve been with my husband for twenty-five years now. Looking forward to some new skills in biblical conflict management.” — Kathleen

“I am not actually married yet. My current relationship has grown and is quite serious. … Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow!” — Rita 

“The Lord has put this in my path at the best time.” — Melany

Can you relate to any of these comments? When you sign up for Fighting Fair, you’re not just taking a course, you’re joining a community of people who are committed to saving their marriages.

Maybe your marriage has hit a rough patch. Maybe you just want to learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse. Either way, I assure you that you will not be disappointed with this course. Come check it out! Sign up today. 

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