What should we do when spending time with God feels boring?

In today’s media binging society, it can be quite difficult to pull ourselves away from the allure of the television screen, and the glow of our smartphones. While there may be nothing wrong with unwinding after a long day of work, this constant access to entertainment does pose a problem in the Christian faith. We can be tempted to desire these things more than we desire a love relationship with God and others. So, if we’re always bombarded with entertainment through the media, how will that desire ever go away?

A similar question was recently asked on an episode of Ask Pastor John, and I found John Piper’s response to being incredibly encouraging and practical for daily living.

First, he addressed the root of the issue. If someone is truly desiring worldly entertainment over God, he says that “Something is keeping you from seeing God and His ways for who He really is.” He referred to 2 Corinthians 3:18, saying that if we really understand the glory of God, we will, without a doubt, be transformed.

Piper gave three practical steps we can all take to be reminded that time spent with God is ultimately far more rewarding than any sports game, Netflix series, or movie.

Share God’s worth with a non-believer, a new believer, or a believer who is falling away

Piper explains that why this may sound counter-intuitive, he has found that when he shares the beauty of the gospel with others, barriers between him and God come crashing down.

Think through your downtime

Like I said earlier, unwinding and having fun is not inherently bad. We need rest! Find something that doesn’t violate your conscience, contradict your holiness, or compete with your delight in God.

Find a great author or speaker who focuses on the glory, the beauty, and the satisfying character of God

Piper says this will help reinforce the truth found in the bible and will awaken your mind to who God is.

Hear Piper’s full answer below:


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