When taking out the trash is ‘sexy’

A few months back, my wife and I had a big argument. And as with most arguments, it started with something small. One of my weekly tasks that I take pride in is that I set out the trash on Thursday nights. I even have an alarm on my phone! Why? Well, because I know my wife hates doing it and it’s a very practical way for me to serve her.

But on this particular day she asked me about three different times if I was going to set the trash out. Finally, I told her I didn’t need a babysitter and that I’m always faithful to do it. That didn’t end well. But the reason I got annoyed is because I FELT like she was questioning my commitment to serving her. I have rarely missed a trash day, and it seemed a little like she wasn’t respecting or remembering my faithfulness in this area.

Fast-forward to last week and Kirk Cameron’s interview with Dr. Gary Chapman — the legendary author of the bestselling book “The 5 Love Languages” — and the hilarious, but true, conversation the two had about the importance of taking out the trash. See, there are many wives whose “love language” is acts of service. My wife happens to be one of them. So I take pride in loving her in the way she loves to be loved. THAT’S why I got annoyed when she kept reminding me to do it. I want to love her in the way she wants to be loved without being told!

In the clip below, Chapman, Cameron, and The Campfire producer Zach of Nazareth, talk about how taking out the trash can be “sexy” and have a lot of laughs about the topic. Check it out. And if you want to see the entire interview, subscribe for FREE for 30 days at www.thecampfirelife.com:

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