Why a popular Texas pastor ‘repented’ for being a ‘culture warrior’

With mid-term elections ramping up, the tension in our communities is intensifying by the day.

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, we have all witnessed or have participated in a dialogue that has gone beyond respectful discussion and has turned into a culture war. And in this war, we aren’t simply fighting for justice, we are fighting against people… People we are called to love.

This is why a popular Dallas pastor and author, Andy McQuitty, has “repented” of the role he played as a culture warrior in years passed. “I’m not a culture warrior anymore. I’m still a soldier of Christ.”

We talked with Andy during an exclusive audio interview inside Kirk Cameron’s The Campfire, to learn more about this idea and to discuss his book, The Way to Brave.

He shares, “This has turned into a war on people. We’re not supposed to be warring against people in this world, we’re supposed to be warring against the great enemy of our souls. This is a spiritual battle.”

But Andy didn’t always see the political landscape through this lens. As a strong pro-life advocate, he admits that he used to protest outside of abortion clinics, and has even been arrested while doing so. He now says he has repented from being a part of the culture war.

“What I’m advocating in the book is not that we abdicate our role as good citizens,” he clarifies. “Let’s vote, and I hope everyone votes!”

While we should be voting, Andy also believes that we shouldn’t get caught up in battles that “create more hostility rather than solutions.”

How can we tell if our role as a soldier of Christ is being dominated by our desire to win the culture war?

Ask yourself: Am I turning against people I am called to love, people God created, because they disagree with me? Am I trying to be louder, to be heard, and to be right at the risk of hurting others? Or am I seeking to promote peace in the midst of the brokenness?

Andy says, “This is really the ultimate warfare against the spiritual adversary of our souls who wants devastation in our world.”

Hear more in a clip from the interview below:

As we get closer to election day, I’m going to hold this quote from Andy close to my heart: “We really fight the devil best by loving people in the name of Jesus.”

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