Why mentorship in the church is more important now than ever before

When we’re young, we had built-in mentors: Mom and Dad. Though, as we grow older and move out from under our parents’ roof, we often look outside of our immediate family for someone to teach us, to share their wisdom with us, and even to disciple us in our faith.

A mentor/mentee relationship can develop naturally. For instance, a boss might mentor his or her employee. Though often times, mentorship must be intentionally created, a concentrated effort must be put forth. While this is enormously beneficial for both parties involved, it’s becoming rarer in the church. This is a problem.

We recently caught up with Matt Brown, founder of Think Eternity and author of upcoming book, Truth Plus Love: The Jesus Way to Influence during an exclusive audio interview inside Kirk Cameron’s The Campfire. Matt is also an evangelist, and during his journey, he has been able to learn from prominent preachers like Greg Laurie and Lee Strobel. We asked him to share how these relationships have impacted his own ministry, and the thoughts he shared about mentoring were fascinating. And he highlighted why mentorship is more important today than it ever has been in the past.

Matt explains that there is a lot of wisdom in the older generation that needs to be passed on to the younger generation. If you’re a pastor or a leader, you should definitely be imparting your wisdom to someone younger than you, but this is important for an everyday believer, as well.

So, why is this such a need today?

Matt shares, “We’re facing a time now where boomers are nearing retirement, and millennials are entering the workforce and taking on leadership positions, and there’s really a transfer of leadership taking place.” He continues, “I hate to see that there is a gap in passing on wisdom, especially spiritual wisdsom.”

Here a clip from Matt’s interview below:

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