Why should I pray with my spouse?

Everyone knows about prayer. Some may pray every now and then, while others pray every day. Though, while everyone is aware of the practice of prayer, there are still many questions about it.

Is it just something I do when I want something? Or is it something I should do all the time? How do I even pray ALL day? 

Do I pray out loud? How long should I pray? Should I pray with my spouse or by myself? Does it really make a difference if I pray? 

There are hundreds of questions about prayer, and I have asked many of them this year. Though, while I have questions about it, there’s one thing I know for sure. I have a deeper, greater peace when I am consistently praying to God. Not only that, but my marriage always thrives when we are praying together.

Why is prayer so important in our lives and should we pray with our spouses?

These are the questions that Kirk Cameron answers in his new weekly video series inside the exclusive community called The CampfireBefore answering the questions, Kirk explains that we should first have a clear understanding of what prayer is:

“Prayer is having a conversation with God. It’s when we express our praise and thanks to God. It’s also a time when we confess our sins, our faults, our mistakes. It’s also a time when we send up our requests for help and wisdom, and to acknowledge our need and dependence on God.”

He goes on to explain that we can pray silently or out loud.

So, what does Kirk say about praying with your spouse? He shares that prayer is a powerful tool in marriage because it helps couples come together as one as each pursues God alongside each other.

“God is the glue that makes the two of us one. Prayer is a powerful tool. Prayer reminds us that there is Someone who is for us as a team.”

To hear more about what Kirk thinks of prayer and how it has strengthened his marriage with Chelsea, click here to watch the full video and to sign up for The Campfire today!




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