Why we should be ‘shocked’ by the Matt Lauer news

The recent news of the firing of Matt Lauer from his long-time career at NBC has made its way around the globe. As I’ve digested the news, there’s one term that stands out to me: shocked. I’ve read the comments on the stories about this, and I know that there are those who don’t share that sentiment. But let me explain why I think we all need to be shocked at the news.

When I initially encountered the story and shared this post on Facebook, I typed that I was shocked and saddened by the news. But then I second guessed myself for reasons I wasn’t sure of. I quickly changed my wording to use only saddened.

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Even though when I heard the news that NBC fired Lauer, I was actually shocked, I found myself conflicted by the feeling because I felt like I shouldn’t be. I spent a large portion of my day hashing this out with God and trying to figure out why I was, in fact, shocked.

Why was I shocked when I know how sinful the heart of man can be?

Why was I shocked when I know sexual sin is such a massive problem in our culture?

Why was I shocked when this is such a common news story these days?

Why was I shocked when I know that men everywhere, even Christian men, are participating in sexual sin every single day?

Why was I shocked?

The answer He gave me was…hope.

I was shocked because I hoped it would be different. I hoped it wouldn’t have happened. I hoped that one man would make a better choice. I hoped that one woman would not have to live with this pain. I hoped that humanity was still good.

I am shocked because I have hope. Hope in what this world will eventually be like when Christ returns and hope in what He has offered to us now as we longingly wait for that day.

When someone we know, respect and/or love does something that we didn’t think was in their character to do, our reaction is shock. For me, this is true of Matt Lauer and many others in my life who have succumbed to temptation and allowed their physical desires to overtake their heart.

Yes, it does happen all of the time. Yes, it is a massive issue in our culture. Yes, men are taking advantage of women every single day.

And yes, it is sad and it should most definitely send shockwaves through our heart.

Sin should shock us, if for no other reason than the fact that we hold on to hope.

I think if we find ourselves becoming numb to these types of news stories and the devastating stories from our own personal lives we have possibly allowed anger, bitterness and cynicism to creep in and push hope aside.

May we never let go of the hope that there is good in humanity and the hope that redemption is possible by God’s amazing grace.

May we never become numb to sin. That is precisely where Satan would like us to be.

May we continue to be shocked by sin. For in that, we hold on to hope.

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13

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Andrea Stunz has been a Christ-follower from the age of seven. She is the loyal wife to one, loving mom to three amazing adult children, grateful mother-in-law and ridiculously proud grandmother. A well-traveled Texan, having lived in Brazil, Asia, and the UK, Andrea finds joy in her family, grace in her friends, beauty in a story, purpose in the sunrise, wonder in her travels, and hope in Colossians 1:17. Andrea longs to encourage others by sharing stories because “a story worth living is a story worth sharing”. Find more from her at AndreaStunz.com.

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